Supply Chain by the Numbers

-August 15, 2007


The Numbers Worth Knowing this Week in Supply Chain and Logistics

  This Week: RFID is Big in China; There are Always a Few That Just Don't Get It; Repair to Nation's Infrastructure Won't Be Cheap; Shipping Costs Make Steel a Heavy Load to Bear  


Share of world spending on RFID occurring in China, mainly driven by a few huge projects.


The percent of companies in a recent Aberdeen Group study said to recognize the importance of a responsive supply chain. We’re just wondering a bit about those other 8%....  

1.6 Trillion

In the wake of the 35W bridge collapse in Minnesota, the spending the American Society of Civil Engineers says is required for needed improvements to the nation's roads, bridges, dams, water systems, and airports over the next 5 years.


The cost per ton to ship steel from Europe or Asia to the U.S., up substantially with rising fuel and other transportation costs, and representing as much as 12% of the market price per ton. It’s among the reasons many foreign steel makers are increasing production capacity in the U.S.

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