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-July 12, 2007


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Inbound Container Volume Growth Slows Dramatically


After Years of Double Digit Increases, Volumes Are Barely Trending Up, as the Chart Shows


By SCDigest Editorial Staff


As we reported last week (See Port Congestion Worries Fade, as Container Volume Growth Slows Dramatically), the huge growth in inbound container volumes experienced over the last several years has really slowed.

The graphic below, courtesy of the Port Tracker Report from the National Retail Federation and Global Insights, tells the tale. Notice, for example, that forecast volumes for November 2007 are expected to be slightly below 2006 levels. Port Tracker expects modest increases in the range of 2-3% for the peak period of August to October.

Source: Port Tracker Report

To download this graphic, click here.

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