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Dr. John Gattorna

Phone: International

Dr. John Gattorna  is an acknowledged 'thought leader' on the global supply chain scene. Over the last 25 years he has researched, consulted, and worked in various capacities in the supply chain field. He established and led the Accenture supply chain practice in Australia, New Zealand and Southern Asia, 1995-2002, and since then has focused his efforts on advising senior management on how to improve the 'alignment' of their  enterprise supply chains with customers, suppliers, and third parties. John is a prolific writer, and his latest book, Living Supply Chains ( FT Prentice Hall, London, 2006, available in the US through Transatlantic Publication Inc, Philadelphia),  is receiving wide acclaim for its originality and insight. He is  much sought after as a speaker on the international conference circuit, and holds a number of Visiting Professorships at universities in Australia, the UK, Asia and Europe. John always welcomes contact from  interested parties in the global supply chain community.


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