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  - January 8, 2008 -  

Transportation News: Is it Time for More Shippers to Join EPA’s Smartway Program?  


While Support from Carriers has been Strong, Relatively Small Number of Shippers Participate Thus Far; Complete List of Participants



SCDigest Editorial Staff

SCDigest Says:
In this climate, members have the opportunity for getting some PR leverage as well as cost savings out of the program.

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Is it time your company looked at joining the EPA’s Smartway partnership program?

With the explosion in interest over the past 12 months in Green supply chain initiatives and efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and the huge rise in the cost of fuel over the past two years, participation in the program can be good public relations and smart bottom line thinking at the same time.

The Smartway program was launched by the US EPA in 2004, and brings together major freight shippers, trucking companies, railroads, logistics companies and trade/professional associations to pursue strategies and tactics that will reduce emissions from freight movement, reduce fuel consumption, and provide cost savings to the companies.

To participate, a carrier must measure its current environmental performance with the SmartWay Transport FLEET (Fleet Logistics Energy and Environmental Tracking) performance model, and commit to improve that performance within three years.




The program has the support of the American Trucking Association, and many rail carriers and third-party logistics providers have also joined.

To date, however, a relatively small number of shippers have joined the program, including both companies that, in part, use their own private fleets, as well as those that rely only on third party carriers. At last count, there were 66 shipper participants, primarily from the retail and consumer goods areas (see complete list of members below as of this publication date). This is a very low percentage even of large US companies.

Shipper Commitments

While many companies today are seeking to be more environmentally friendly and would love to reduce transportation spend, the Smartway program does have some strings for shippers that modestly complicate the decision to participate. To be a member, shippers must:

  • Assess the current proportion of goods dispatched with SmartWay Transport Partner Carriers using the FLEET Performance Model for shippers.
  • Commit to ship at least 50 percent or more of their goods with SmartWay Transport Partner Carriers.
  • Assess performance and commit to improve
  • Create and submit an Action Plan describing how shipper or carrier will achieve commitment.
  • Report progress toward achieving the goal to EPA annually.

Shippers also loosely commit to using other, less-polluting modes of commercial transport including rail, and to reduce truck idling at their shipping facilities, among other strategies.

Early on, when there were fewer carrier members, committing to the goal of 50% utilization of Smartway member carriers may have been more challenging. With the huge number of carriers participating today, that should not be an issue for most shippers.

Getting the resources and OK to commit to the relatively modest program requirements was probably also more difficult when the program was launched in 2004. Now, it looks like a stroke of genius by the EPA, as concerns about environment impact and fuel costs have risen to a high place on most corporate agendas.

PR Benefits from Membership

In this climate, members have the opportunity for getting some PR leverage as well as cost savings out of the program.

For example, when Whirlpool joined the program in 2004, its press release stated that “By joining the SmartWay Transport Partnership, Whirlpool demonstrates its continued strong environmental leadership and corporate responsibility.”

Members that achieve certain results thresholds are also allowed to use the Smartway logo for various promotional purposes.

For companies that excel at reducing emissions and fuel consumption, even further recognition is possible. Each year, the EPA announces a group of Smartway Excellence Award Winners, who in 2007 were also honored at CSCMP’s annual convention in October. The 2007 award recipients include shippers, carriers, and 3PLs.

Current Smartway Members

The Smartway membership roll as of this publication date is listed below. It includes not only carriers, shippers and 3PLs, but associations, equipment providers, software companies – and even a few truck stops.

Truck Carriers

A & S Trucking Service, Inc.
A&A Express, Inc.
A.C. Trucking, Inc.
A.D. Transport Express, Inc.
A. L. Smith Trucking, Inc.
A.N. Webber, Inc.
AAA Cooper Transportation
ABF Freight System, Inc.
Ability Tri-Modal Transportation
Accelerated Freight Group
Ace-Way Freight Systems 2003 Inc.
ADM Trucking, Inc.
Ahles Companies
AJ Saragusa Trucking Company Inc.
Altl, Inc.
Alvan Motor Freight
American Central Transport, Inc.
American Eagle Lines
Andrews Logistics, Inc.
Andy's Trucking
Anthony J. Odom
Arfsten Transfer Inc.
Arnold Transportation Services
Arrow Critical Supply Solutions
Arrow Trucking Company
Aspen Transportation, LLC
Atkinson Freight Lines
ATS, Inc.
Averitt Express
B.R. Williams Trucking, Inc.
Barber and Sons Express
Barnett's Trucking
Barrett Distribution
Bartels Truck Line, Inc.
Baxter Healthcare
Baylor Trucking, Inc.
BCJ Trucking, Inc.
Bear Cartage & Intermodal Inc.
Behnke Dedicated
Best Transportation
BFL, Inc.
Bison Transport, Inc.
Blue Sky Shipping, LLC
Boise Boys, Inc.
Braun's Express, Inc.
Bridge Terminal Transport, Inc.
Buchanan Hauling & Rigging, Inc.
Burns Motor Freight, Inc.
C.A.T. Inc.
C. C. Jones, Inc.
C.R. England, Inc.
Cal Ark International
California Cartage Express
California Multimodal, Inc.
Can-Am West Carriers, Inc.
Camionnage C.P. Inc.
Campbell's Transit, Inc.
Cardinal Logistics Management Corporation
Cargo Transporters
Carlisle Carrier corp.
Carrier Industries, Inc.
CCC Transportation, LLC
Celadon Trucking Services, Inc.
Cemex, Inc. dba Sunwest Trucking
Central Freight Lines
Central Refrigerated Service, Inc.
Central Transport International, Inc.
Challenger Motor Freight, Inc.
Champion Logistics Group
Clancy Moving Systems
Clanton Trucking, Inc.
Clinton's Ditch Co-op Co., Inc.
Cloverleaf Transport
CN Transportation Ltd.
Combined Transport, Inc.
Commercial Transportation Inc.
Comtrak Logistics, Inc.
Con-Way Freight
ContainerFreight EIT, LLC
Continental Express, Inc.
Contract Freighters, Inc.
Coomes Inc.
Covenant Transport, Inc.
Cowan Systems, LLC
CPS Express
Crete Carrier Corporation
Crowley Trucking, Inc.
CRST Van Expedited, Inc
CW Johnson Xpress, LLC
D & D Family Enterprises, LLC
D & D Sexton, Inc.
D. M. Bowman, Inc.
DaRan, Inc.
Dart Transit Co.
Davis Express, Inc.
Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.
deBoer Transportation, Inc.
Decker Truck Lines
Denmark Express, Inc.
DHL Express
Dick Lavy Trucking, Inc.
Dillon Transport, Inc.
Dizco Inc.
Donada, Inc.
DOT Transportation, Inc.
Dupre Transport, LLC
EA Logistics
Eagle Motor Freight, Inc.
Earl L. Henderson Trucking Co., Inc.
Eastern Eagle Express, Inc.
Eastern FreightWays, Inc.
ECM Transport, LLC
Eldorado Logistics System Inc.
ELDS Trucking, Inc.
Empire Express, Inc.
Estes Express Lines
Evans Transportation Company
Evergreen Transportation
Excargo Services
Exel Transportation Services
Extra Express
Exxon Mobil Fuel Marketing Company
Farruggio's Express
Fastrax Transportation
FedEx Express Corporation
FedEx Freight System, Inc.
Festival Rentals, LLC d/b/a FunRent
FFE Transportation Services, Inc.
Food Lion, LLC
Fortune Transportation Co.
Foss Maritime Company
Fraley & Schilling, Inc.
Frerichs Freight Lines, Inc.
Freymiller, Inc.
Frito-Lay North America
Frock Bros. Trucking, Inc.
Frontier South Transport Corp.
FTI - Bill Thompson Transport Inc.

G.G. Barnett Transport
G&P Trucking Company
Gainey Transportation Services, Inc.
Gangloff Industries, Inc.
Garufi Logistics LLC
George's Foods, LLC
Gordon Trucking, Inc.
Grammer Industries, Inc.
Grand Island Express
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Greenbush Logistics, Inc.
Greenway Consolidators, LLC
GTL Transportation
H & R Transport Ltd.
H.O. Wolding, Inc.
Hall's Fast Motor Freight, Inc.
Hannaford Trucking Company
Heartland Express
Hartt Transportation
Herche Transfer Co.
Hermann Transportation Services
Hess Trucking, Co.
Hill Brothers Transportation
Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc.
Hollenbeck Enterprises, Inc.
Horizon Lines, Inc.
Hospira Fleet Services, LLC
Howe Freightways, Inc.
Howell's Motor Freight, Inc.
Hyway Trucking Company
ICON Transportation
Indiana Western Express, Inc.
International Motor Freight
International Motor Freight
Interstate Distributor Co.
J&L Wilson Transportation, Inc.
J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc.
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.
Jacobson Transportation Company
James Burg Trucking Company
James H. Clark & Sons
JK Trucking
Joe Wyman
John Christner Trucking, Inc.
John Henry Daniels
John K. Buck
John Veriha Trucking, Inc.
Johnny Beasely SXI
Jones Brothers Trucking, Inc.
K D England Trucking
Kane Freight Lines, Inc.
KBD Transportation
Karry All Transportation, Inc.
Kennesaw Transportation, Inc.
KLLM, Inc.
Knight Transportation, Inc.
Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
Kreilkamp Trucking, Inc.
Kriska Holdings Limited
Kruse Nationwide, Inc.
Kuperus Trucking, Inc.
L.E. Tucker & Son, Inc.
Lacy's Express
LaGrange Warehouse and Distribution Center, Inc.
Lake Erie Transportation Co., Inc.
Landair Transport, Inc.
Landstar System, Inc.
Langford Inc.
Laris Shelman & Sons Trucking Inc.
Larry J. Long
Lasco Bathware Trucking Company, Inc.
LDA Leasing
Leading Green Distributing, Inc.
Lester Coggins Trucking, Inc.
LHP Transportation Services, Inc. (LHPB) Brokerage
Lily Transportation Corp.
Lion BG, Inc.
Li-Way Transfer and Storage
Lisa Motor Lines, Inc.
Logicorp Enterprises, LLC.
MacKinnon Transport, Inc.
MacMillan-Piper, Inc
Maddox Express
Market Transport
Marten Transport, Ltd.
Martini, Inc.
Massera Trucking, Inc.
Matthew J. Buchanan
Maverick Transportation Inc.
May Trucking Company
McCollister's Transportation
McConnell Transport Ltd.
McCracken Motor Freight
McKelvey Trucking Company
MCT Transportation, LLC
Metro Film Express, Inc. - DBA Metro Express, Inc.
Metropolitan Trucking, Inc.
Midwest Express, Inc.
Midwest Specialized Transportation, Inc.
Milan Express Co., Inc.
Miller Gordon Truck Lines (DBA MG Truck Lines)
Milliken & Company
Miracle Trucking Inc.
Missouri Valley Transportation
ML Asbury Inc.
Moeller Trucking, Inc.
Monarch Air Express, Inc.
Moonlight Trucking, LLC
Morgan Southern, Inc.
Mountain Valley Express Co., Inc.
MST Freight Services, Inc.
Muir's Cartage Limited
Myers Transport, Inc.
N. Yanke Transfer Ltd.
Namco Transport Solutions
National Distributors Inc.
National Freight, Inc.
New Century Transportation, Inc.
New England Motor Freight
New England Retail Express
New Penn Motor Express, Inc.
Norco Corporation
Normandin Transit
Norrenberns Truck Service (NOTS)
Northwest Food Products Transportation, LLC
NPE, Inc.
O&S Trucking, Inc.
Online Transport, Inc.
Ozark Motor Lines, Inc.
P & D Transportation, Inc.
P.A.M. Transport, Inc.
PAF Transportation, Inc.
Paper Transport, Inc.
Paschall Truck Lines Inc.
Patrick Transportation
PCC Logistics
Penner International
Perdue Transportation, Inc.
Pier Trucking Corp.
PJAX Freight System
Pohl Transportation, Inc.
Pottle's Transportation, Inc.
Premier Transportation
Pride Transport, Inc.
Prime, Inc.
Quad/Graphics, Inc.
Quality Transport, Inc.
Quest Global, Inc.
R&E Enterprises of Mankato, Inc.
Rapid Transfer Xpress
Ravens Trucking
Redford Truck Lines
Refrigerated Food Express, Inc.
Regency Transportation, Inc.
Reggie's Trucking
Reliable Transportation, Inc.
Retail Delivery Service
Rinchem Company Inc.
RoadLink USA East
Robinson Transport, Inc.
Roehl Transport, Inc.
Ronnie Dowdy Trucking
Rush Trucking
Ryder Truck Rental, Inc.
Saia Motor Freight
Safe Handling, Inc.
Salson Logistics, Inc.
SAV Express Inc.
SB Trucking, Ltd.
Schneider National, Inc. (Charter Partner)
SDR Trucking, LLC
Sea Star Line, LLC
Select Express & Logistics
Shaw Transport, Inc.
Shipper's Transport Co.
Siemens Transportation Group, Inc.
Signature Truck Lines, Inc.
Sitton Motor Lines
Slingshot Transportation, Inc.
Smithfield Transportation Co., Inc.
South Shore Transportation Co.
South Texas Petroleum
South Texas Proppant
Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc.
Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc.
Southwest Truck Service
Stan Koch & Sons Trucking
Stapish Transportation Inc.
Star Transportation, Inc.
StarTrans, Inc.
States Logistics
Stevens Transport
Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.
Styline Transportation, Inc.
Sunbury Transport, Ltd.
Supreme Carriers, Inc.
Swift Transportation Co., Inc. (Charter Partner)
T.W. Transport
Tandet Logistics
Taylor Express, Inc.
Terra Renewal Services
TEX-ONA Enterprises, Inc.
Texas Department of Transportation
Texas Star Express
Tig Transportation
Tiger Transport, LLC
Tommy Roach Transportation
Trailer Bridge, Inc.
TransAm Trucking, Inc.
Transnational Logistics
Transport America
Transport Industries, L.P
Transport Robert LTEE
TransX Group of Companies
Transwood, Inc.
Triangle Worldwide, LLC
Triple C Transport, LLC
Triple S Trucking
Truck One, Inc.
Truck Service, Inc.
Truckmen Corporation
TRX Inc.
Two Cool Trucking Corp.
Two Flags Transportation
United Natural Foods, Inc.
United Transportation
UPS (Charter Partner)
UPS Freight formerly Overnite Transportation Company
Urban Express
US Xpress Enterprises, Inc./Xpress Global Systems, Inc.
USA Logistics Carriers, LLC
USA Truck, Inc.
USF Companies
Value Truck, Inc.
Vaughan Transport
Victory Leasing
Vitran Express, Inc.
Volume Transportation Inc.
VSR Logistics
Waller Truck Co., Inc.
Ward Trucking, LLC
Watkins & Shepard Trucking Inc.
Watkins Motor Lines, Inc.
Watsontown Trucking Company
Weber Distribution
WEL Companies, Inc.
Werner Enterprises, Inc.
Wesley Watson Trucking Company
West Side Transport
West-Northwest Trans. Inc.
Western Express, Inc.
White Farms Trucking Inc.
Whiteline Express, Ltd.
WilTruk, Inc.
Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.
WSE Transportation, LLC
YRC Worldwide Inc. (Charter Partner)
Freight Shippers
Aveda Corporation
Best Buy Co., Inc.
BP Lubricants USA, Inc.
Canon U.S.A., Inc. (Charter Partner)
Chiquita Brands International
Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.
Coextruded Plastic Technologies, Inc.
Dell, Inc.
DENSO Manufacturing Michigan, Inc.
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare NA
Hewlett Packard
Holcim (US) Inc.
IBM Corporation
IdleAire Technologies
IKEA Distribution Services, North America (Charter Partner)
Interface, Inc. (Charter Partner)
J & J Industries, Inc.
J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.
JC Penney
Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Co., LLC
Kohl's Department Stores, Inc
Limited Brands Logistics Services
Marangoni Tread NA, Inc.
Method Products, Inc.
Michelin North America, Inc.
Nau, Inc.
Nestle Purina Pet Care
Nike, Inc. (Charter Partner)
Office Depot
Owens Corning
Panasonic Corporation of North America
Prime Source FSE
Qualcomm Incorporated
Rockwell Automation
Schering-Plough CHC
Sharp Electronics Corporation
Shurepower, LLC
Staples, Inc.

STERIS Corporation
Styline Industries
Superslab100, Corp
Tatung Company of America
The TJX Companies, Inc.
The Home Depot, Inc. (Charter Partner)
Volvo Logistics North America
Warner Brothers/Time Warner
Whirlpool Corporation
YOLO Colorhouse

Bridgestone-Firestone North American Tire, LLC
Cascades Transport, Inc.
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.
Dennis K. Burke, Inc.
General Nutrition Centers
(Charter Partner)
Hudson's Bay Company
Safeway, Inc.
Schwan's Logistics, LLC
Tyson Foods, Inc.
U.S. Foodservice
Walgreen Co.
Rail Carriers
BNSF Railway Company
Canadian National Railway Company
Canadian Pacific Railway
CSX Transportation
Kansas City Railway Company
LHP Transportation Services, Inc. (Rail Division)LHPT
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Pacific Harbor Line, Inc
Richmond Pacific Railroad
Tacoma Rail
Union Pacific Railroad
Logistics Companies
Access America Transport
AFC Worldwide Express, Inc.
AFN (Advantage Freight Network)
Alliance Shippers, Inc.
American Domestic Cargo Services
American Freight Carrier Services, Inc.
APL Logistics
Blue Planet Logistics
BNSF Logistics
Bulk Plus Logistics
C. H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
Cavalry Xpress
Direct Service Network, Ltd.
EGL Eagle Global Logistics
Epes Logistics Services, Inc.
Exel Inc
Greatwide Logistics Services
Global Tranz
Hub Group, Inc.
Integra Logistics, LLC
Intermodal Sales Corporation
JCL Incorporated
JDT Transport, LLC
Kane Traffic Services, Inc.
Kelron Logistics
Lakeside Logistics, Inc.
Lakeville Motor
LinkAmerica Transportation, Inc.
Menlo Worldwide
MW Logistics, LLC
National Logistics Management
New Breed Logistics
Nonstop Delivery
NYK Logistics (Americas), Inc.
O T Logistics
Pacer Global Logistics
Pacific American
Railex LLC
RFX, Inc.
RM Logistic
Sagebrush Logistics, LLC
Total Logistic Control, LLC
Total Quality, Inc.
Total Transportation Services LP
Transgroup Worldwide Logistics
Transplace Texas, LP
Transportation Solutions Group, LLC
Trealmont Chartering, Inc., LLC
Tucker Company
Ultra Logistics, Inc.
YRC Logistics

4 State Trucks, Inc.
Alliance to Save Energy
American Trucking Associations (ATA)
ARI (Automotive Resources International)
Arizona Trucking Association
Association of American Railroads (AAR)
Autotherm Division Enthal Systems, Inc.
BBW, Inc.
Bergstrom, Inc.
Big Truck TV, Inc.
Black Rock Systems, LLC
British Columbia Trucking Association
Businesses for the Bay
CabAire, LLC
Cadec Global
California Trucking Association
Canadian Trucking Alliance
Carrier Transicold
Cascade Sierra Solutions
Central Indiana Clean Cities Alliance, Inc.
Clean Air Minnesota
Clean Fuels Ohio
Colorado Motor Carriers Association
Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC)
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
Cummins Emission Solutions
DC Power Solutions
Driver Comfort Systems
Driver Management Services
Emisstar, LLC
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Espar Heating Systems
Florida Trucking Association, Inc.
Frehn Center for Professional & Organizational Dev
Freight Wing, Inc.
Georgia Motor Trucking Association, Inc.
Glacier Bay
Grain and Feed Association of Illinois
Green Trucker
Harvey Software, Inc.
Idaho Trucking Association, Inc.
Idle Kleen, Inc.
Illinois Corn Growers Association
Illinois Trucking Association, Inc.
Indiana Corn Marketing Council
Indiana Soybean Alliance

Indiana Department of Environmental
Laydon Composites, Ltd.
Management (IDEM), Office of Pollution and Technical Assistance (OPPTA)--Awards and Grants
Indiana Motor Truck Association
Ingersoll Rand/Thermo King
Iowa Motor Truck Association
Iowa State University Center for Transportation Research and Education
Kentucky Motor Transport Assoc., Inc
Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority (LRAPA)
Maine Motor Transport Association, Inc.
Maryland Motor Truck Association
Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association
Michigan Trucking Association
Midwest Shippers' Association
Mid-West Truckers Association, Inc.
Minnesota Agri-Growth Council
Minnesota Grain and Feed Association
Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA)
Missouri Motor Carriers Association
National Biodiesel Board
National Industrial Transportation League
National Private Truck Council (NPTC)
National Tank Truck Carriers Association
National Truckers Association
Nebraska Trucking Association
Nevada Motor Transport Association, Inc.
New Jersey Motor Truck Association
Next Energy
North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)
North Dakota Motor Carrier Association
Nose Cone Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Ohio Environmental Council
Ohio Trucking Association
Ontario Trucking Association (OTA)
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality--Financial Assistance & Economic Development
Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality--Financial Assistance & Economic Development
Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc.
PACCAR Leasing Company
Paddock Solar
Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association
Pony Pack, Inc.
Regional Air Quality Council
Rigmaster Power Corp
Saskatchewan Trucking Association
South Carolina Trucking Association
South Shore Clean Cities, Inc.
Southeast Environmental Task Force
Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV)
Space Coast Coalition
Star Class, Inc.
Sun Power Technology
Superior Financial Group
Teleflex Energy Power Systems
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Tennessee Trucking Association
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
Texas Motor Transportation Association (TMTA)
The Centre for Sustainable Transportation
The Neutral Group
Tridako Energy Systems
Truck Mate Generators
Truckload Carriers Association
Twolane Customs, Inc.
Washington Trucking Associations, Inc.
Webasto Product North America
Wisconsin Clean Cities-SE Area
Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association
Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air
Truck Stops
Atlanta South 75 Travel Center Bruce's Truck Stop Scranton Petro LP

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