Supply Chain by the Numbers

-March 5, 2008


The Numbers Worth Knowing this Week in Supply Chain and Logistics


This Week: Independent Truckers On the Road to Repossession; Falling Greenback Bruises Import Market; Oil Prices Partly Determined by Futures Market; Suppliers Tie Up U.S. Shoe Manufacturers



The increase in truck repossessions, mostly from independent truckers, that repossessor Nassau Asset Management saw in 2007, as slowing demand and rising fuel costs push many independents out of business.




The drop in the value of the US dollar in the last four weeks – making imported/offshore goods more expensive, while helping US exports – though at the risk of inflation.


The price per barrel of oil that should be the current price if it was based purely on supply and demand, not futures market trades, according to Guy Curuso, of the US Energy Information Administration, in testimony before a Senate committee. That represents more than a 10% premium to the current price of over $100 per barrel.


The gap between the number of eyelets (5,000) Otabo LLC, one of the last US shoe manufacturers, needs to order at a time versus the 100,000 minimum order US supplier Stimpson Co. wants to accept, an example of the challenge US shoe and other manufacturers face as domestic suppliers for many industries disappear.

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