Supply Chain by the Numbers

-February 14, 2008


The Numbers Worth Knowing this Week in Supply Chain and Logistics

  This Week: Forecasting Error Just Won't Go Away; Even Distribution is Bigger in Texas; Hardly a Sunset for Union Pacific's Rail Network Expansion; Pricing for Teddy Bears and More Goods from China Are Not So Cuddly of Late  


The average level of SKU-level forecast error one-quarter out, based on Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE), according to the recently released Forecasting Benchmarking study from The Journal of Business Forecasting.



18.6 million

The amount of square footage of warehousing and distribution space being built this year in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as the Metroplex continues to add more distribution capacity than any other area of the US.


The number of rail cars that Union Pacific will be able to move each day across its Sunset route that runs between Los Angeles and El Paso, TX, when an upgrade project is finished in 2010, up from 5,000 per day before the expansion.


The amount by which China toy manufacturer Nantong Eurofield Art's Toys recently raised the price for its stuffed teddy bears to US retailers, as wage inflation in China, the falling US dollar and other factors raise cost substantially for manufacturers there. (See Are a Confluence of Factors Going to Bring an End to the China Sourcing Party?.) 

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