Supply Chain by the Numbers

- June 23 , 2011


Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of June 23, 2011


Tire Supply Chain not Rolling; China Energy Consumption Surges; WESCO goes Wearable; WalMart's Recent China Problem



Percent of world energy consumed in 2010 by China, moving it passed the US into the number 1 spot for the first time, according to the just released BP Statistical Review of World Energy for 2011. The US consumed 19% of the total, while amazingly, number three Russian came in at just 5.8%. The amazing part is that the world's third largest economy, Japan, consumed just 4.2% of the global total.




Fill rate that wholesaler Dealer Tire is experiencing from the OEMs, as a combination of manufacturing constraints at the tire makers plus their commitments to the auto OEMs have combined to thwart channel deliveries. That's tough when your dealers companies expect 96+% service. That according to Dealer Tire Chief Supply Chain Officer Jill Marcotte this week at the 3PL Summit/Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum in Atlanta.


Percent of operators that $5 billion electronics and construction materials wholesaler WESCO has converted from traditional handheld and truck-mounted RF terminals to new "wearable" devices from Motorola in its seven DCs. The hands-free nature of the wearables, plus other ergonomic factors, such as the ability to more quickly interact with the WMS, drove the change. See WESCO Distribution goes with 100% Wearable RF Terminals to Improve DC Performance.



WalMart's current market share in China, down from 8% three years ago, according to CNBC contributor Shaun Rein this week. These are just Rein's estimates, but he notes WalMart's China CFO and COO have both recently resigned. Rein attributes the drop to WalMart's failure to reacted fast enough to key trends and consumer preferences, noting it is leaning too heavily on the big box retailer format like in the U.S., rather than smaller, conveniently located retail outlets that Chinese shoppers prefer.