Supply Chain by the Numbers

- Jan. 20 , 2011 -


Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Jan. 20, 2011

  Shanghai Surprise; No End to Energy Demand; Factory Jobs Actually Up; Boeing Really Means it This Time


The gain in US manufacturing jobs in 2010, as reported this week, amazingly the first annual gain in that category since 1997. IHS Global Insights predicts an additional 2.5% gain in manufacturing employment for 2011, as "manufacturing is the shining star of this recovery," IHS analyst Thomas Runiewicz says. On the other hand, manufacturing jobs are down some six million since 1997.



29.05 million

Number of TEUs handled in 2010 by the Port of Shanghai, according to its own statistics, which puts it into the number 1 position in terms of port volumes for the first time, surpassing long-time leader Singapore by about 500,000 TEU last year.



When the first of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner aircraft is now said to be coming off the production line, more than three years late after a series of supply chain and engineering snafus continually derailed its introduction. The Boeing fiasco, which cost it billions, is number 2 on our list of the Greatest Supply Chain Disasters of All-Time.


The expected growth in total world energy consumption over the next 20 years, versus 45% the past 20 years, despite accelerating advances in energy efficiency, as the growth in population and economic activity in developing countries will overwhelm those efficiency gains.