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-July 16, 2010 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The 2010 Supply Chain Priority List

  Decreasing Planning Cycles and Improving Supply Chain Flexibility Top the LIst, According to the Consultants at PRTM  

By SCDigest Editorial Staff


In this ever-changing and complex supply chain world, what should be the top priorities of global supply chain organizations today?

Many have offered opinions on this question, most recently the consultants at PRTM, who in a report just release offer their take on the top 5 priorities, as shown in the graphic below.


Source: PRTM

The top recommended focus area, "Improving customer access and accuracy of supply chain planning," means greater collaboration with customers, it appears, and reducing the demand planning cycle to reforecast weekly or even daily.

Most of the other four priorities are pretty clear and straightforward. Look for more soon from SCDigest on "Focus on Total Supply Chain Cost Engineering."

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