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-June 18, 2010 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Changes in Global Sourcing Plans

  While Most See No Sourcing Changes, many Looking to Mexico and Asia Outside of China  

By SCDigest Editorial Staff


We always enjoy the quarterly State of the Freight report from Wolfe Trahan (formerly Wolfe Research) that summarizes the survey responses of some 200 shippers across a wide number of issues and metrics.

SCDigest recently reported on the overall results from the most recently released report, which covered a wide range of transportation-specific issues (see Mood Starts to Shift as Shippers Expect Freight Rate Increases, Capacity to Tighten, according to Latest State of the Freight Report).

We also liked the graphic shown below, not included in our initial article, that asked respondents to estimated how their global sourcing strategies are likely to change over the next five years.



As can be seen, while 42% of companies say they have no plans to change current sourcing strategies, 18$ say they are likely to move more production to so called "near-sourcing" in Mexico or other Central American locales. 8% of companies say they plan on increasing their level of China sourcing, while 15% say they will increase Asia sourcing outside of China.

Our bet: the percent of Asian sourcing outside of China is the one that will prove to be too low.

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