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  - Jan. 30, 2012 -  

Supply Chain News: Highlights from ProMat 2013 - Individual Video Clips

We Break Down Day 1 and Day 2 Video Reviews into Individual Solutions and Interviews That Caught Our Eye

  by SCDigest Editorial Staff  

Last week, SCDigest featured video reviews and comments for the first two days of the MHI's ProMat 2013 at the McCormick Place in Chicago.

You can find those full videos here, with Dan Gilmore and Materials andling Editor Cliff Holste reporting from the show floor: Promat Day 1 and ProMat Day 2.

As promised, as a convenience for our viewer, below you will find those videos broken out by individual topic or solution that caught our eye, to make it easier to just view the topics of specific interest to readers. Enjoy.

Top Theme of ProMat 2013



Multi-Shuttle and RapidPick System from
Dematic for Piece Picking



"Perfect Pick" Automated Piece Picking System
from OPEX



Intelligrated's "GoKart" Mobile
Picking System/Cart



Motorola's New Mobile Solutions for
Distribution, Including Tablet Device


"FreeBox" On-Demand Automated Carton
Builder from System Logistics


Automated Bagging Systems from
Accutech Automated Bagging with Documents


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Innovative Systems for Dealing with Rodents and
Birds in Facilities from Make-em-Move



Cognex Offers Line of High Speed, In-Line
"Imaging" Bar Code Scanners


Jungheinrich Introduces "Warehouse Navigtion" System to US
Market, Improves VNA Truck Efficiency Up to 25%

Premier Print Shows Patented Systems for Dual-Sided
Printing of Shipping Label and Packing Slip


"TECSYS Smart" Innovative Solution to Help Companies
Get More Out of Their WMS Over Time

Softeon Voice Enables a Regular Smart Phone, Easily
Connects it to Its Warehouse Management System

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