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  Supply Chain Trends and Issues: Our Weekly Feature Article on Important Trends and Developments in Supply Chain Strategy, Research, Best Practices, Technology and Other Supply Chain and Logistics Issues  
  - Jan. 29, 2014 -  

Supply Chain News: Best Solutions of NRF 2014 Day 2

SCDigest Breaks Out Cool and Interesting New Solutions from the NRF Big Show in New York City into Individual Videos

  by SCDigest Editorial Staff  

Thousands of SCDigest subscribers have viewed our full video reviews of NRF 2014 Day 1 and Day 2, which featured a number of cool and interesting new solutions.

SCDigest Says:
Individual videos of the best of NRF 2014.

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As we did in 2013, this year we once again break out those different solutions into individual videos, so readers can select to view just the brief solution summaries (1-2 minutes) that are of interest to them. Here we present just those solutions covered from Day 2. There is another page for Day 1 solutions.


First, we start with a brand new form of automatic identification, called Digimarc, which somehow manipulates the yellow portion of a photo or image to embed a code (QR code, UPC, other data) that can be read by a scanner or smart phone. Supply chain applications are not yet clear, but it is innovative technology.


Digimarc is an Innovative New Type of Auto ID


Logility was promoting its Proportional Profile Planning technology, released last year, which automates and improves the process of forecasting demand for what we call "sub-SKUs," such as style/color/size for a base SKU in apparel.

Logility's Proportional Profile Planning Solution


We captured another view of what advanced/predictive analytics is all about from an expert from SAS.


SAS Expert Offers Another Perpective on Advanced Analytics



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Download Longbow Advantage

Business Briefs



The Keys to WMS Success,

Maximizing JDA WMS

Performance and More







Turning to some new hardware solutions, a compamy Koamtac was displaying a cool and very attractive new line of wireless bluetooth bar code scanners.


Koamtac's Attractive New Line of Miniature Bar Code Scanners




A Euro company called Embisphere had several equally cool RFID readers, including a new wand to speed up the process of taking inventories for tagged items in retail and beyond.


Embisphere's New RFID Reader Wand




Finally, Impact Power Technologies says it makes batteries for leading RF devices used in store or in a distribution center that have much longer life per charge and can withstand multiple times more charging cycles than the OEM batteries.


New Line of RF Batteries from Impact Power Technologies



Ok, that's it. Again, you can find the covered Day 1 solutions here.

Any reaction to some of these covered solutions? Let us know your thoughts on the Feedback button or section.

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