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- March 4, 2015 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Quantifying Supply Chain Disruptions in 2014


Resilinc Report Shows Factory Fires Remained Top Event in 2014 - but Down by Almost Half from 2013


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



By pure luck, SCDigest this week ran across a web page from a company called Resilinc, which is among several companies that offer supply chain risk monitoring services.

Just starting up in 2010, it turns out that Resilnc produces an annual report on supply chain disruptions every year, and the report for 2014 is just out.


That report includes the interesting chart below, which quantifies all the different supply chain disruptions Resilinc logged last year by type of incident:


2014 Supply Chain Disruptions by Event Type




Source: Resilinc


As can be seen, factory fires and explosions remained the top type of event in 2014, with 44 incidents - though that was down from the more than 80 such factory incidents in 2013. It is not clear why the drop, and frankly we would have expected there were more such factory incidents worldwide.


Factory incidents were just one event more than the second most common incident, involving labor strikes and related disruptions.


Not far behind that in 2014 were weather related incidents such as hurricanes and cyclones.


SCDigest thinks it is interesting that "mergers and acquisitions" are categorized as disruption events, but consider that a company using a dual sourcing strategy could see that turn into a sole sourcing program literally overnight if the two suppliers combine.


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