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- Dec. 12, 2013 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Moving Along Supply Chain Trade-Off Curves - or Shifting Them?


New SCDigest Benchmark Study Finds Very Few Have Seen Major Curve Shifts - While About One-Quarter Simply Don't Know


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



We've just released our new Supply Chain Planning Benchmark 2014 report - and it is excellent, if we do say so ourselves.

Based on survey responses from some 400 supply chain professionals, the report is among the most comprehensive studies ever performed on supply chain planning processes and technology.


You can download this excellent report, crafted in an easily accessible, infographic style, right here: Supply Chain Planning Benchmark 2014 Study.


That report includes the chart below, where we asked respondents whether their companies were largely continuing to move along the same old supply chain trade-off curves, such as inventory versus customer service, or whether they have been able to shift their entire curves. That would mean both reducing inventory and improving customer service, in various combinations along the new curve.


As can be seen, just about of 13% of companies say they have been able to substantially shift their trade-off curves over the past few years, versus 35% which say they have been able to modestly shift curves, and 25% which believe they are mostly moving along the same curves. Perhaps most interesting of all, 24% really don't know.



Source: SCDigest's Supply Chain Planning Benchmark 2014


In our view, unless a company has very backward processes, major curve shifts usually come from new infusions of planning technology. For example, many adopters of multi-echelon inventory optimization software have reported curve shifts.


Again, this excellent new planning report is available here. We thank consulting and IT services firm Cognizant for making the research possible.


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