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- Oct. 25, 2013 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: What Companies Contributed to CSCMP 2013?


Some Companies Contribute Year after Year - The Industry and Conferences Owe their Gratitude to these Leaders


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



Almost any conference in any industry depends on practitioners to deliver presentations that add value to attendees.

That is certainly true in supply chain generally, and certainly at CSCMP's conference in Denver this week as well, as is true every year.


So what companies stepped up at CSCMP to contribute to the 100+ sessions? SCDigest went through the conference program to see which companies had employees participating either in a panel discussion or giving an actual presentation, as shown in the table below.


The line between panel and presentation is often a fine one, and SCDigest was primarily relying on descriptions from the program guide for most of the sessions besides the relative handful we were able to attend.


We will also note the list does not include vendors such as 3PLs and technology companies, as they receive a benefit from participation.


CSCMP 2013 Presenting Companies




The industry owes a debt to all the presenting companies, especially the very engaged companies such as Whirlpool, Caterpillar, Home Depot, EJ Gallo, Intel and Kohler.


We may later do some additional analyis that in someway separates fairly "easy" topics - things like Sustainability or talent management that companies often want to talk about - versus core supply chain issues and best practices.


But for now, a Supply Chain Digest hats off to all these CSCMP presenters - we hope everyone realizes we all need to contribute in the end to make this and other events work.


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