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- Dec. 13, 2012 -


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Who is Doing What in Multi-Channel Fulfillment?


From Cheap Shipping to Turning Stores into Fulfillment Centers to Now Same-Day Delivery, a Lot of Dough Going into Multi-Channel Logistics


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



We don't usually do this, but we decided to reuse a graphic from a regular SCDigest news story as our graphic of the week because, well, it's pretty good.


The chart shows what a number of leading retailers and service providers are doing relative to multi-channel fulfillment strategies, services and tests across several different categories. There is a tremendous amount of effort and expense being invested here - just this week on CNBC, Saks Fifth Avenue's CEO said the retailer was spending $100 million to enhance its multi-channel web and fuflillment capabilities - even as few of the retailers are making any money at e-commerce.


We are confident you will find the chart below interesting.




Things are changing fast, and we will keep this chart updated over time.



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