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October 27, 2015Innovations in Supply Chain Design QAPodcast
Podcast of the Great QA Session from our Videocast on Innovations in Supply Chain Design, Featuring Mike Watson of Northwestern and Toby Bzoznowsk of LLamasoft
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Supply chain strategy
August 05, 2015Dr. David Simchi-Levi of MIT Launches New Supply Chain Analytics Company
Opalytics Offers Cloud Platform with Packaged Apps, Plus Tools for Developers
  Topics : Inventory optimization | Network design/optimization | Supply chain software | Supply chain thought leadership
July 09, 2015Supply Chain by Design: Four Groups that Need to Step Up to Help Make Network Design More of a Profession
Why Isn't Network Design More Widely Used or Understood?
  Topics : Network design/optimization
June 29, 2015Supply Chain News: LLamasoft's SummerCon 2015 Video Review and Comment
LLamasoft has Revolutionized the Supply Chain Network Optimization Market in a Short Period of Time; Use Cases Highly Varied Across High Profile Customer Base; Trend Towards Doing Collaborative Design with Trading Partners; Caterpillar's Engineered Value Chain Initiative
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Supply Chain Planning software | Supply chain software
June 09, 2015Supply Chain by Design: Top Four Best Practices for Multi-Objective Optimization
Strongly Consider using the Multi-Objective Optimization for Projects, Which for Several Years has been part of Network Optimization Tools
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Supply Chain Experts | Supply chain thought leadership
April 09, 2015Supply Chain Comment: Taming Supply Chain Networks
Role of Analytics in the Evolution of Future Industrial Supply Chains - A Perspective
  Topics : Network design/optimization | Supply Chain Experts
February 23, 2015Supply Chain Thought Leadership Video Series: Accounting Data and Supply Chain Network Design
Do companies have the data you need to take on such projects successfully? Insight from Dr. Mike Watson of Northwestern University.
  Topics : Supply chain finance | Network design/optimization
February 10, 2015Supply Chain by Design: Network Design and Accounting Data
Accounting Data is Good for Accounting and it Might not be the Right Data for Network Design Projects
  Topics : Network design/optimization
December 18, 2014Supply Chain by Design: Deepen Your Optimization Knowledge Over the Holidays with Free E-book
Supply Chain Analysts Should Know Optimization, While Supply Chain Managers Should be Familiar with Optimization
  Topics : Network design/optimization
September 18, 2014Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: The Four Use Cases for Supply Chain Simulation Technology
The Two Key Dimensions: Current or Future Demand, Current or Future Supply Chain Network; How Simulation Differs from Optimization
  Topics : Network design/optimization

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