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  - Feb. 9, 2012  

Supply Chain News: MODEX 2012 Video Review Individual Clips

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  by SCDigest Editorial Staff  

SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore and Materials Handling Editor Cliff Holste are just back from the MODEX 2012 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta this week, sponsored by the Material Handling Institute of America.

Gilmore and Holste earlier this week offered a video review and comment on Day 1 and Day 2 of the show, highlighting key trends and identifying the most interesting solutions on the show floor. Here, we break up the full  Day 1 and Day 2 videos into individual sections for those readers who want a more tailored look at the show, depending on their interests.

To start, Gilmore and Holste summarize key trends and themes at this year's show.


Key MODEX 2012 Themes and Trends


Automated Case Picking (ACP) was on display all over the show floor, notably with an innovative solution solution from System Logistics, using a high speed "sequencer" type approach.


System Logistics' Approach to Automated Case Picking



Retrotech announced a very innovatived approach to AS/RS, using a high speed shuttle approach to moving pallets that at least one major CPG company is using to load a lot of trucks with few workers in stop-sequence order


Retrotech's New High Speed AS/RS



Seegrid had a couple of annoucements at the show. First, it added another vehicle in its line of smart AGVs that use its smart optical system for navigation and rapid learning of required travel paths. Second, it announced a partnership with Raymond in which Raymond is adding the Seegrid navigation system into some of its own vehicles.


Seegrids New AGV and OEM Relationship with Raymond



(Distribution Artiicle - Continued Below)



Download Longbow Advantage

Business Briefs



The Keys to WMS Success,

Maximizing JDA WMS

Performance and More






Softeon like many others has released a new Cloud-based Warehouse Management (WMS) solution, but has really thought through the way to deliver a system that allows a company to start small and add jus tthe capabilities they need over time.


Softeon's New WMS Light Solution


More and more companies are wondering if they can use devices like smart phones and tablet computers for supply chain applications. Voxware announced at the show that it has ported its voice software to the Android platform, but more work needs to be done to have it certified on each specific device.


Voxware's New Voice App for Android Devices



Intelligrated says these are good times for material handling automation providers, due to companies looking for labor savings, e-commerce requirements, mid-market companies now looking to automate, and more. We say: If you've been hunkering down due to the economy, your competitors may be automating. Could be time for a fresh look.


Intelligrated Execs on the State of the MHA  Market


A company called CreateaSoft was displaying simulation software for distribution centers that not only promises much faster cycle times but also a more operational focus, such as helping companies quickly dissect potential changes in scale or processes, and even why a company fell below target levels for cost or throughput last week, yesterday, or maybe even last hour.


CreateaSoft DC Simulation Software

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