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Supply Chain by the Numbers

- August 26 , 2011


Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of August 26, 2011


Green Energy Jobs Lacking; China Overtakes US in PCs; Freight Tonnage Slow Growth for a Decade; Goods News for Capital Goods Spending



The change in the number of Green/clean energy jobs in Silicon Valley since 1992, according to a new study by the Brookings Institute, which shows Green job growth lags far behind earlier expectations. Overestimation of consumer demand for Green energy, China's subsidies to solar panel and other Green firms, and lack of cap and trade legislation are cited as factors.  See Clean Energy Jobs Continue to Disappoint, New Reports Say



18.5 Million

Number of PCs shipped to Chinese consumers and business in the second quarter, versus 17.7 mllion in the US, making it the first time that there were more OCs sold in China than in the US. Part of that recent change was a decline in US PC sales as consumers switch to tablet devices, not included in the PC numbers. However, the US is expected to still lead the PC market for the full year in 2011 - likely for the last time.


The increase in freight tonnage currently being moved in the US versus te year 2000, based on the just released monthly ATA tonnage report. That index declined in July, down to a level of 114, with freight moved in 2000 serving as the the index baseline. That would mean that cumulative growth in freight tonnage over those 11 years has averaged well under 1%. Amazing. Quick, someone with a calculator figure out that exact number for us!



In a year of conflcting economic numbers, the rise in durables goods orders (equipment, appliances, computers, transportation equipment, etc.) on a year to date basis through July, according to numbers from the Commerce Dept. this week. Orders for non-defense capital goods were up 2.4% in July, and a robust 12.9% year to date, showing companies are making investments.

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